Commercial Contracts

Drafting, reviewing and negotiating of contracts is daily fare and much entrusted practice for Bunders Lok Advocaten. The wide variety of contracts on which the lawyers of Bunders Lok Advocaten advise is significant, especially due to the large variety of expertise of Bunders Lok Advocaten’s lawyers. Examples and most common contracts (which the lawyers of Bunders Lok Advocaten come across frequently) are:

  • Sale and purchase of shares and/or parts of businesses, real estate, vessels, moveable assets, commodities (as part of trade finance), licenses etc.;

  • Shareholders-, participation and/or joint venture agreements;

  • Finance documentation, such as loan agreements (based on LMA standard or otherwise), security documents such as deeds of pledge and/or assignment, documentary credit, factoring, intercreditor agreements, guarantees etc.

  • Settlement agreements;

  • General terms and conditions;

  • Agreements in relation to (international) trade and logistics, such as transport-, freight forwarding-, warehousing-, stock monitoring agreements;

  • Licensing- and sponsor agreements and other agreements concerning media and entertainment law;

  • Distribution-, agency- and franchise agreements;

  • Contracting, services agreements and intermediary agreements; and

  • Management and employment agreements and handbooks/policies.

A vast part of the contracts dealt with by Bunders Lok Advocaten has an international dimension, for example due to contractual parties having their offices in different jurisdictions and/or commodities which are traded cross-border. That not only entails complex items in respect of (private) international law but also close coordination with lawyers in other jurisdictions. The lawyers of Bunders Lok Advocaten are true experts and highly experienced also in this respect.

Corporate Law

An important part of the day-to-day activities of Bunders Lok Advocaten is focused on corporate law, such as:

Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Share purchase agreements

  • Assets purchase agreements

  • Mergers/Demergers

  • Shareholders Agreements

  • Joint Ventures and Participations

  • Due Diligence

Reorganizations and Restructuring

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Reorganizations


  • Corporate Law Disputes

  • Insolvency Law

  • Director's liability

  • Participation Agreements

  • Management Buy-out

  • Management Buy-in

Commercial and Corporate Litigation

Bunders Lok Advocaten has extensive knowledge and experience in all matters of  commercial and corporate litigation. Bunders Lok Advocaten is dedicated and highly focused to serve its clients’ commercial interests and needs. As such, Bunders Lok Advocaten is highly experienced in litigating complex commercial disputes.

Bunders Lok Advocaten is highly experienced in the full gamut of all legal matters regarding the entertainment and media industry, representing a wide range of clients, including record companies, music publishers, production companies, concert promoters, media, clubs, artists and television personalities.  

Banking & Finance

Bunders Lok Advocaten has ample experience with and substantial knowledge of finance documentation, such as facility agreements and related security documents, e.g. pledge agreements, mortgages, guarantees etc. Aike Krips, partially due to his previous position as general counsel at an international trade bank, has extensive experience in restructuring loans and related security documents as well as with commodity trade finance. Especially the cross border nature of commodity trade finance requires thorough understanding of private international law. The lawyers of Bunders Lok Advocaten have such profound knowledge and expertise and are therefore perfectly skilled to assist with any kind of matters relating to commodity trade finance.

Real Estate

Bunders Lok Advocaten advises on and litigates in matters relating to real estate law. This includes:

  • Tenancy law

  • Project development and construction law

  • Property transactions

Bunders Lok Advocaten represents investors, developers, lessors, tenants and contractors.

Employment Law

Bunders Lok Advocaten advices both employers and employees in various industries (domestic and international) as to employment law issues. Pertaining to this matter Bunders Lok Advocaten focuses especially on the following subjects:

  • Law on termination of employment

  • Consultation and litigation as to labour disputes

  • Drafting, reviewing and amending of employment contracts and employment regulations

  • Various forms of contracts (e.g. contract for professional services, transfer agreement, freelance contracts, management contracts)

  • Negotiations

  • Incapacity for work and reintegration

  • Special clauses (such as non-competition clauses and non-disclosure clauses)

  • Unlawful/improper competition

  • Reorganisation

Trade & Logistics

The lawyer of Bunders Lok Advocaten are highly experienced in international trade and transport law. Ernst Bulthuis and Aike Krips advise and conduct legal proceedings about virtually every (legal) item in relation to the trade and logistics. Not only do they represent foreign clients in proceedings in the Netherlands, also they contribute substantially on behalf of their Dutch clients to the conducting of legal proceedings abroad bv supporting and providing input to foreign lawyers. Over the years Bunders Lok Advocaten has built an extensive and solid network of well reputable, high qualitative and reliable law firms in several other countries.

The Trade and Logistics desk of Bunders Lok Advocaten comprises (i) international trade law, (ii) international maritime and transport law en (iii) shipbuilding and repair agreements.