International Trade Law & Commodity Trade Finance

International sale, distribution, warehousing/storage, agency, franchising and general terms and conditions (of sale) are typical examples of commercial contracts which Bunders Lok Advocaten deals with frequently. In addition, Bunders Lok Advocaten very frequently comes across related insurance items, documentary credit, Incoterms and debt collection.

Aike Krips has a special focus on the financing of international commodity trade (commodity trade finance) , such as specific commodity finance loan documentation, specific security instruments (pledge on commodities and /or title documents) and related (legal) items.

Trade (finance) is virtually always cross-border, which may entail that you are bound by the provisions  of law of another country. Aike Krips and Ernst Bulthuis are specialists in the area (private) international law, i.e. any kind of queries in respect of the applicable law and competent court (in which country). Items which are quintessential for almost all legal assessments in the international trade of commodities.

International Maritime & Transport Law

Within Bunders Lok Advocaten there is special expertise in the areas of logistics and off shore industries. Ernst Bulthuis advises about international transport agreements, charter(parties), 3PL agreements and subcontracting agreements, for all modes of transport. Ernst Bulthuis is very familair with all related BIMCO agreements. Ernst Bulthuis has gained over the years substantial knowledge about international maritime law and inland water transport, including collisions and salvage. This is also partially due to his in-house experience with an international maritime service provider. Moreover, Ernst is one of the few Dutch attorneys who is very familiar with limitation (of liability) proceedings.

Shipbuilding & Repair Agreements

The drafting and negotiating of shipbuilding- and repair agreements, including possible applicable terms and conditions, form an important part of the (almost daily) legal practice of Aike Krips and Ernst Bulthuis. Not only are they familiar with the standard shipbuilding- and repair agreements such as Norwegian Ship Building Contracts, (New)Buildcon (BIMCO) and Repaircon, also they comfortably draft tailor made contracts well suited to the specific needs / concernms of their clients. Aike Krips and Ernst Bulthuis are entrusted with the specific items which parties come across with ship building- and repair agreements, such a proper description of scope of work, liquidated damages, variation orders, liability regime, subcontractors etc.